About Dude Party

Dude Party previously known as Fevernites was started in the year 2009. The main idea of having a gay theme based party was to create a platform for the people who like same sex partnership. The organizers of the party believed in love, and they wanted to have a place where people can be of themselves and flirt with whom they want without being frowned upon. A world of theirs.

Gay partnership and lesbian love was always seen as a taboo or something unacceptable in the society. That’s when the organizers in Bangalore decided to develop and execute gay parties in Bangalore.

Dude party hosts parties in various 5 star properties around and has the best DJ’s in town playing thumping music to give the crowd amazing nights.

It is been 10 Years we are hosting Gay parties in Bangalore, there were highs and lows. Until last year when the Supreme court of India decided to remove Section 377 from our law which was a barrier for love.

Over the years the party has seen people from various walks of life coming together under one roof to celebrate their own identity and life. Celebrities, Fashion Designers, International & Indian drag queens and many others been there and had the best of their time.